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Which size do the movie posters have?

All posters have normaly the size DIN A1 if the movie poster has another size, it's specified in the list. Below the size classification:

A0= 841 mm x 1189 mm 33.1 x 46.8
594 mm x 841 mm 23.3 x 33.1
A2= 420 mm x 594 16.5 x 23.3
A3= 297 mm x 420 mm 11.6 x 16.5
A4= 210 mm x 297 mm 8.2 x 11.6
How is the status of the original movie posters ?

Partly the posters have parting holes of the cinema notice, sometimes are adhesive tapes at the corners. This status for each poster we tell you in our response mail. Many posters are rolled.

Are your movie posters original?


Often it concerns even with the posters EA = first release
If this admitsit's specified in the list. To info.: WA means released.


How and when do you ship the movie posters?
The orderd movie poster will be immediately posted after the arrival of the money. Postage will be added to the price.
Why do I have to ask for a movie poster?

Please note:
Every movie poster usually exists only ONCE in our stock.

What is the price for shipping the poster?
The forwarding expenses to europe costs 7 EUR letter postage
called "Maxibrief" this insured the etter. Forwarding expenses for your home we tell you in our response mail, when we know to which country the movie posters have to go.

The dispatch of the posters effected by stick-strengthens, so that
it is guaranteed that the poster arrives in a perfect status to you.

Some few posters we can offer to you rolled, this rolled dispatch as
insured package for europe to 19 EUR.
I want to see one picture of an movie poster and found it not?
Each poster picture you can request by mail.

You can pay through paypal (paypal accept all credit cards).

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!

Do I have a right to exchange?

Should you decide -against expecting- after the order of a poster that the poster-status cannot give you satisfaction (in our first mail we divide you the status of the poster) please return the poster to us. The cash already paid, we will immediately return to you. Finally we like you are content with our services!!!!

Not found your favorite poster?
Do you looking for a movie poster (worldwide service) that you not found on our page? Please send us a mail we're going to find your favorite movieposter.

We know many poster dealer from all over the world and work next year for 10 years with them. So ask us!

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